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Other considerations.

All computers contain various personal or business data on their hard drive(s) which may be more valuable than the computer itself. All hard drives sooner or later fail, and the data on them is lost if not backed up. Ask me about backing up your data.

Unless arrangements have been made for Periwinkle to back up your data, it is the responsibility of the client to back up any important data onto a CD, Zip disk, external Hard Disk, or other suitable media prior to installation or replacement of Hard Drives, RAM, software, or other components of a computer. While every reasonable precaution and care is taken when working on a computer, there are so many different manufacturers and variations of the hardware and software that incompatibilities often occur, and can sometimes result in a partial or complete loss of data on a drive.

Periwinkle Consulting assumes no responsibility or liability for loss of data resulting from installation of new hardware, software, or operating system updates.