Periwinkle Consulting Service

Thank you for your enquiry regarding Periwinkle Consulting Services. Periwinkle is an Apple® Certified Apple Product Professional Macintosh® specialist. *Apple and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

Home users, and small businesses who pay at the time of service, and require only a tax receipt without a detailed invoice on a letterhead, are $50 per hour. My fee for business and commercial clients is $65 per hour for on site lessons, computer and network setup, and troubleshooting in Mac OS 10. Receipts or invoices are provided for all payments. I am required to collect PST & GST. The Periwinkle GST # is: 85932-5060.

While I am onsite for lessons, I usually set up the computers and install a few additional programs that make the computers easier to use, and assist with photo editing, internet access, and opening email attachments. I am experienced in setting up Cable and ADSL internet access, and local office networks (LAN’s), including Airport and other wireless router networks.